Network Effects

Making a larger market impact together

Working together with other inland terminals and operators creates network effects. Every party that joins gives extra power to the network. It does not matter whether a booker wants to use the barge to Groningen or is looking for a rail connection to Spain, via TEUbooker there will always be matching solution.

This will result in more bookings via the TEUbooker engine so that you can improve your occupancy rate of your train or barge. It is our goal to facilitate modal shift and we believe that working together is the key to success.

Online distribution channel

To reach smaller shippers & forwarders

It can be a daunting task to reach smaller shippers & forwarders. TEUbooker is here to help and is your online distribution channel. With state of the art online Marketing TEUbooker will attract these groups and forward bookings to you.

  • Central online Marketing.
  • Easy to find connections.
  • Attract smaller bookers.

Uniform bookings

Automatically uploaded to your system

We all know that many different bookers can lead to a lot of work. Every booker has it’s own processes and templates. Well from now on that is something from the past. By connecting to TEUbooker all bookings will automatically & uniformly be uploaded to your system.

This can be done via API or EDI and is going to save a lot of time and work. Your booking department can focus on managing container flows instead of manually filling them in your system.

Start chatting

No more endless email conversations

Are you also tired of sending dozens of emails about one container? TEUbooker offers a chat functionality, so that you can solve any issues directly with the booker of the container transport. The booking details and all correspondence in one dashboard. That is pure and simple.

  • Start chatting.
  • Everything in one dashboard.
  • Save time.

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